Webinar: Insurance claims – delivering in the moment of truth

Watch this webinar to hear our discussion about how insurers can improve on delivering the promise made to customers for claims payouts.

The insurance claims journey doesn’t end when the claim is processed. The journey ends when the customer receives their money. Personalisation is a major part of excellent customer service. This is especially true in the claims journey because customers with similar demographic profiles can have very different needs when it comes to the ideal speed and method of disbursement.


  • The problem with claims payouts
  • The true cost of getting claims payouts wrong
  • How Imburse helps to improve the claims experience
  • Achieving excellent claims delivery


Oliver Werneyer – Chief Executive Officer at Imburse

Bruno Soares – Chief Product Officer at Imburse

David Turner – Chief Technical Officer at Imburse

About Imburse:

Imburse is a payments platform built for insurers. Via a single connection, directly or through your current core system provider, you can access the entire global payment ecosystem collect or pay-out using any technology, any provider, in any market.

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