Imburse Insights 4: Build vs. Buy vs. Rent in Insurance with Richard Lumb

Should you build, buy, or rent your insurance software? In our fourth episode of Imburse Insights, our CEO Oliver Werneyer spoke with Richard Lumb, Industry Partner at Motive Partners and previous Group Chief Executive – Financial Services at Accenture, about this ongoing insurance debate.

With the move to the cloud, competition is high not just within the insurance sector, but with other sectors too. So how can insurers keep ahead of the market, and how should they approach their digital transformation strategy? In this webinar, Oliver Werneyer and Richard Lumb will take you through key steps to consider when digitalising your systems. Fill in the form to watch the webinar.

Key takeaways

  • Total costs of infrastructure ownership
  • Moving to the cloud for innovation and cost reductions
  • Leveraging automation and AI to drive efficiencies
  • How to implement new solutions quickly
  • How to simplify customer journeys
  • Making the shift to customer centricity

About Richard Lumb

Richard Lumb is an Industry Partner at Motive Partners and previous Group Chief Executive – Financial Services at Accenture. Throughout his 35 years at Accenture, Richard specialised in banking, capital markets, and insurance industries. In this episode, Oliver and Richard discuss the crucial topic of build vs. buy vs. rent in insurance. Have a watch and let us know your thoughts.

About Oliver Werneyer

Oliver Werneyer is the co-founder and CEO of Imburse, a cloud-based middleware that connects enterprises with the global payments ecosystem. Before founding Imburse in 2018, Oliver held various roles in renowned insurance companies, including Liberty Life, Swiss Re, and Genworth. An entrepreneur at heart, Oliver previously founded Flynrate, an innovative flight tracking and flight delay insurance app.

His passion for entrepreneurship and innovation led him to be a member of the EY Young Leader Insurance, a program for rising Swiss innovators. He is also a panel member at House of Genius, sharing his industry knowledge to help start-ups strengthen their business cases. In 2016, Oliver ranked 15 on the Top 50 Global InsurTech Influencer Rankings.

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