Webinar: Leveraging Digital Ecosystems to Enhance User Experience

In our first episode of Imburse Insights, our CEO Oliver Werneyer had a chance to talk to Evangelos Avramakis, Head of Digital Ecosystems at Swiss Re, about how to leverage digital ecosystems to enhance customer behaviour.

As digital channels become more important, insurers need to make sure that the digital experiences they provide fulfill customer needs. But how can they do this?

Watch the webinar to discover valuable insights into how insurers can improve their digital interactions with customers, as well as key practical steps you can take to leverage your digital ecosystems and data assets to create best-in-class customers experiences.

Key takeways:

  • What industries insurers should be comparing themselves too
  • The impacts of customer experience across various business lines
  • How customer demand is changing
  • How to leverage digital channels to engage customers
  • “Smart connection” – aggregating applications
  • Leveraging data to create valuable insights

About Dr. Evangelos Avramakis

Dr. Evangelos Avramakis is the Head of Digital Ecosystems at Swiss Re. With over 15 years of experience in insurance, Dr. Evangelos has led digital transformation journeys and developed innovative digital business models to improve the full insurance value chain.

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