Webinar: Instant Payouts in Insurance with Mastercard

How important are instant payments for insurance customers? Our CEO Oliver Werneyer had a chat with Ruth Polyblank, Vice President of Insurance, Strategic Growth, at Mastercard, about the needs and opportunities for insurers when launching new products and delivering on digitalisation.

Ruth refers to claims as the “acid test”, the moment of truth when insurers are expected to deliver on their promises. But how can they access the right solutions to deliver real-time payments to their customers?

Key takeaways

  • The value of instant payouts to insurers and customers
  • The types of payments that are getting more interest
  • Facing the challenges of needing multiple APIs and multiple solutions
  • The cost of delivering payments beyond the surface
  • Parametric insurance and instant payments
  • How different situations require different payment methods
  • Leveraging instant payments as a strategic insurance step

Payments are mission-critical to deliver value, and accessing the right knowledge and technology is key to success. Imburse has partnered with Mastercard so our clients can now leverage the Mastercard Send functionality to instantly pay out to their customers.

About Ruth Polybank

Ruth is the Vice President of Insurance, Strategic Growth at Mastercard. Ruth works within the Enterprise Partnership team, a global team with specific responsibility for opening up new opportunities for MasterCard with key insurance and InsurTech organizations.

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