Webinar: Imburse Insights 2- Leveraging Partnerships to Drive Innovation

For the second episode of Imburse Insights, our CEO Oliver Werneyer had a chance to talk to Pietro Carnevale from HITS – House of Insurtech Switzerland about the power of partnerships in the insurance sector, and how insurers can leverage these partnerships to drive innovation.

“When the speed of change on the outside is faster than the speed of change on the inside, it means you are running intro trouble,” says Pietro. Large enterprises need to change their core and adapt their business model to the ever-changing customer needs and the fast-paced market. But how can they do this?

Pietro Carnevale walks us through key steps that large insurers need to take in order to drive innovation.

Key takeaways

  • How to create space to innovate
  • The skills and expertise you need to outsource
  • The extent of partnerships: how far do they go?
  • Which partners to choose based on your business goals
  • Partnering with large corporates vs. start-ups
  • Stumbling blocks in partnering with start-ups and how to overcome them
  • How to unlock value from partnerships and customers

About Pietro Carnevale

Pietro Carnevale is the CEO of HITS, a Generali Swiss-based insurtech hub that focusses on building partnerships with startups to co-create and scale-up innovative solutions. Pietro is also a Board Member of F10, the leading Swiss Fintech accelerator in Zurich. With a background in insurance and having held key roles in Generali and Aviva, Pietro specialises in digital innovation, strategy, and transformation in the insurance industry.

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