Voucher payouts

Nothing is worse for loyal policy holders than feeling underappreciated.

This can easily happen when new policy holders receive cheaper deals on their policy premiums, leaving existing customers feeling forgotten and undervalued. Insurers are heavily investing in the development and deployment of loyalty programs and new business models that reward loyalty and foster engagement. However, they struggle to onboard multiple providers and partners to deliver personalised offerings and achieve the coverage needed.


How do we solve it?

The Imburse platform acts as your single connection into the payments ecosystem, establishing pay-out connectivity to any voucher reward partner in any market. Imburse delivers the connectivity needed to pay out to and reward loyal policy holders via a comprehensive catalogue of preferred voucher and other technologies. Our platform seamlessly connects into your policy, claims, ERP and CRM systems to help minimise the disruption and cost of integration.

Acting as the middleware that integrates with your front and back-office, Imburse enables insurers to deliver a seamless customer experience across multiple channels and devices. As your integration partner, Imburse normalizes payment processes to offer the required voucher pay-out variety, and streamlines reporting for improved visibility of your loyalty programs.


Maximize the policy holder’s perceived value
Increase your speed to market and offer any voucher through a single global partner
Tailor customer experience and maximize customer engagement
Create a transactional relationship with your policy holders