Energy & utility providers

Customers expect convenience, speed and ease from every product or service they purchase. For Energy & Utility companies in particular, payments play an integral part in the quality of the customer service delivered. However, more often than not, payments are treated as a cost centre and disregarded as being a strategic lever to improve customer experience.

Unlike Ecommerce companies, Energy & Utility providers not only have to focus on collections, but also on refunds, credits, and deferred payments. Despite being aware of how to shape the payments experience, they struggle to optimise it due to a lack of time, budget and payments know-how when integrating multiple payment vendors and technologies.

How do we solve it?

Imburse offers a PCI-DSS compliant payments platform that serves any payment need across the customer journey, from collecting the first invoice and setting up payment installments, to processing bill adjustment, refunding invoices, and rewarding loyal customers.

Through a single connection to Imburse, you can easily deploy any payment method or technology, and provide customers with a seamless payment experience across communication channels.











Oer the preferred payment method for any use-case

The Imburse marketplace enables your business to pick and mix payment technologies, so you can offer the right payment method for each region or country, and for any payments use-case. With our platform, you can offer your customers a seamless payment experience for the collection or pay-out of any invoice, refund, credit, installment, and loyalty reward.






Reduce IT costs
Speed up time to market
Improve customer experience
Grow contract sales conversion