Many of the world’s largest insurers act through affiliate and partner structures to meet customer demand in local markets. However, a lack of operational efficiency and IT resources holds them back from fully empowering their affiliates and partners to deliver on local and product-specific payments use-cases. More often than not, payments infrastructure and functionality is still isolated by business line or insurance region, hampering scalability, operational efficiency and customer experience.

How do we solve it?

Developed for large corporates and platform operators, Imburse allows for the management and support of complex multi-business lines/business environments.


Single connection and unified reporting


Through Imburse’s multi-tenancy architecture, we can provide uniform, yet individualized payment experiences for each of your affiliates and partners. You don’t have to worry about system integrations, reporting structures, or onboarding efforts.



Optimise your vendor portfolio
Easily scale and expand
Manage data sovereignty
Comprehensive reporting