The problem

Globally, savings rates are worryingly low. Traditional savings tools are not giving modern consumers the flexibility they require to save more. Savings platforms are already a proven mechanism that allow financial institutions to create engaging tools for their clients to save. However, deploying new technologies is an expensive and difficult process that involves a large amount of time and resources. The Imburse MicroSavings solves this problem by delivering a complete, cost-effective and easy to deploy end-to-end savings solution that is fully customisable.

The solution

MicroSavings is a convenient, off-the-shelf white label solution that allows companies to effortlessly enhance their products with flexible savings functionalities. With MicroSavings, your customers can save every time they spend, and you will take an active role in their savings journeys. Quickly deploy our customizable product into your existing journeys to improve your customer insight, create regular interaction and increase acquisition.