Enhancing claim reimbursements

The majority of claim reimbursements are still processed through slow and indirect payment methods such as Bank Transfers, SEPA Credit Transfers, or even Cheques.

When there’s a lack of choice for the policyholder on when and how to get paid, customer experience suffers. Waiting days or sometimes even weeks to get reimbursed happens too often, and insurers can struggle to confirm whether policyholders have received their claim.


How we solve it

Imburse does all the heavy-lifting, so you can access all payment providers and technologies through one single connection.

One connection to pay-out with any provider, method, or location

The Imburse platform acts as your single entry into the payments ecosystem, establishing pay-out connectivity to any payment provider, payment method, or loyalty reward partner. We deliver the payment capabilities needed to pay out claims in an effortless manner, to locally preferred payment methods and accounts.

Easily integrated with core systems

Our platform is easily integrated with core insurance and accounting systems to support any pay-out mechanism, causing no disruption to day-to-day operations or delays in claims decision-making processes.

Seamless customer experience for payments

Acting as the middleware that integrates with your front and back-office, Imburse enables insurers to deliver a seamless customer experience across channels and devices, while driving cost reductions through the optimization of payment operations. As your integration partner, Imburse normalizes payments processes to offer pay-out variety, as well as streamlines and consolidates reporting for improved visibility.


The process of accessing and delivering pay-out options through Imburse

Let your customers choose how they want to get paid and offer them a seamless payment experience through our white-label platform.


Offer local payment methods
Pay out claims instantly
Improve speed-to-market
Save on integration costs
Increase pay-out visibility