Direct Debits

Insurers already use Direct Debit to collect recurring payments from their customers. However, having large customer bases across the globe requires insurers to use different Direct Debit payment schemes and for this, insurers need to integrate with multiple providers and deal with decentralized direct debit reports. IT integrations to payment providers are long, complex, and expensive, leaving insurers struggling to offer a seamless payment collection experience to their customers. Moreover, paper mandates are still being widely used, which hinders the day-to-day operations of mandate storage and management.


How do we solve it?

Imburse offers connectivity to the entire payments ecosystem. Through a single connection to us, insurers can execute both SEPA and Bacs Direct Debit, and provide their customers with a frictionless payment experience. Our platform enables integrations to any payment provider or method available in any market. Moreover, the Imburse platform provides an automated Direct Debit scheduler, along with a paperless mandate management tool, that allows you to easily store, update and manage Direct Debit mandates.


Imburse manages all components of your Direct Debit collections


Single integration to different Direct Debits networks
Save on administrative and financial resources
Offer a paperless payment experience for your customers
Receive unified reporting