Credit card collection

Digitalisation and changes in customer preferences are putting pressures on large insurers to offer new and unfamiliar payment methods to their customers.

Exposure to certain payment methods has been limited for many Insurers, such as using credit card payments for premium collections. The complexity of accepting credit card payments is primarily linked to connecting new providers to existing IT infrastructure, embed reporting into existing processes, update the existing processes as well as navigating the provider and solution landscape in the payment ecosystem. Many enterprises lack experience and expertise in the payment arena as well as the right technology to connect.


How do we solve it?

We offer insurers a single integration to seamlessly and rapidly deploy credit card collection capabilities, regardless of which billing or ERP system they use and how old it is. Through Imburse, insurers have access to all payment providers and payment technologies around the globe without the need for direct integrations. Imburse also provides PCI DSS compliant IFrames that can be embedded into the client’s journey. We do all the heavy lifting and simplify many of the technical problems, so our clients can fully enhance their payment capabilities whilst saving time and resources.


Maximise your variety of payment methods
Regulatory Compiance

3D secure PSD2

Improve speed to market
End-to-end implementation support
Reduce Implementation Cost