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Digitalise premium collections and claims payouts for faster, risk-free payments.

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Today’s customers are looking for digital, connected and seamless experiences everywhere they interact with brands. Imburse’s Pay-By-Link solution aims to provide your customers with the experience they expect.

Customers simply click a link and are directed to a secure online payment page. For premium collection, customers are prompted to add their payment details and for claims they select their preferred method of claim payout. No lengthy website checkouts, document exchanges or telephone calls to collect payment.


Premium collection

Checkout dropout rates are reduced, and it takes less than a minute to activate an insurance policy.

Claims payouts

Customers can click on the link and receive their claim payout by debit card, credit card or bank transfer.

Send link by any channel

Send a Paybylink via any digital channel such as email, SMS and social messanger, or embed the link on a webpage for quick and easy payments.


The Imburse hosted payments page can easily be branded in line with your logo, fonts and colours within the theming section.

Payment methods

Collect payment via multiple payment methods including Debit card, Credit card, Paypal and Direct Debit.

Pre-defined journeys

Build in rules for payments according to payment amounts. I.e. fewer ayment options on small amounts.

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Broker payments made easy

Broker portal
Broker portal
Broker portal

Keep your data secure and compliant

Reduce the risks of taking customer payment details over the phone and significantly reduce errors. Capturing the payment with Imburse is within a PCI compliant environment for your peace of mind.

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