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Imburse develops strategic partnerships with core insurance systems and SI’s, as well as Payment Service Providers and other payment-related technologies and services. Through these collaborations, Imburse makes the world of payments accessible to insurers, regardless of their IT and legacy systems.

The Imburse partner ecosystem

Core systems

Imburse connects with core systems for claims, billing, ERP and CRM, enriching various global marketplaces with our offering.

Deploy any payment provider and/or payment technology to satisfy customers with zero operational impact, fast deployment, and variety of payment technologies.

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Benefits to core systems

1. Extend your offering in premium, claims, vendor and rewards/loyalty payments

2. Easy connection with your existing finance infrastructure and processes

3. Access multiple payment gateways and PSP's, giving your customers payment variety

4. Easily integrate Imburse into your Core System via portals, or the insurer tooling (through APIs)


Our marketplace partners include some of the most well-known Payment Service Providers in the market. Together, they offer an extensive list of payment methods across the globe. We partner with payment providers to enable insurers to access the whole global payments ecosystem.

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Benefits to PSP's

1. Access to insurance market via an independent software vendor

2. Speed of integration - typically takes 90 days with Imburse

3. Access to our core system partner ecosystem

4. Imburse introduces new RFP opportunities

Global System Integrators

Our Global System Integrators partners are some of the best in the market. Together with Imburse, they enable insurers to speed up their digital transformation efforts through easy access to best-in-class technology.

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Benefits to GSI's

1. Grow your accounts & upsell

2. Innovate and co-create payment solutions

3. Partner in transformation RFPs

4. Introduce added value to your solutions portfolio


We collaborate with the world’s leading payment technologies to automate and enhance payments for the insurance sector.

These partnerships aim to transform the payment experience for insurance enterprise and their customers by offering digital premium collection and claims payment solutions.

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Benefits to technology partners

1. End to end claim payment solutions

2. Easy API integration

3. Introduce new products with payment capabilities

4. Easy configuration via partner marketplace


The consultants we partner with guide insurers through their digital transformation journeys and enable them to keep ahead of the market. Imburse is a key part of this, offering the technology to access game-changing payment capabilities.

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Benefits to consultant partners

1. Grow your accounts and upsell

2. Partner in digital transformation projects

3. Attractive re-seller program

4. Added value to your solution portfolio

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