Who is Imburse?

Imburse is a payment integration service that allows any company to effortlessly, quickly and cost effectively connect to any payment provider or payment technology, anywhere in the world, for both collections and pay-outs. With over 900 payment providers and 200 technologies in the market, choice is not the concern for organizations. Integrating to these providers and deploying technologies becomes the hurdle. These integrations are costly and time consuming for organizations.

With Imburse, we have already done the heavy lifting and connected to a multitude of payment providers and technologies globally,  meaning that once you have connected to us, you will have access to the global ecosystem of payment providers and technologies in all markets. Think of Imburse like a marketplace for all your payment needs. A marketplace where you can design your ideal payment workflow and connect as many or few providers and technologies as you need, regardless of your current IT infrastructure. You connect to us, and we connect you to the world.

Is Imburse a PSP?

No, Imburse is not a PSP (payment service provider). We are a payments orchestration service. Our platform enables our clients to connect with multiple PSPs and technologies instantly, without any time consuming, costly integrations. By connecting through Imburse, our clients can reap the reward of the entire global payment ecosystems, without delay. Simply connect to us once, and we can connect you to the world, helping your business stay up to date with the latest payment trends and new payment technologies.

Is Imburse available in all countries?

The Imburse enterprise solution can be used in any country around the world. Many of our current payment partners are global providers with technologies that can be used across multiple markets. If, however, there is a specific provider or technology that you require for a market or country that is currently not supported on our marketplace, Imburse is able to add such a provider if required. Onboarding a new provider or technology happens quickly and seamlessly, without impacting on our clients’ connection to Imburse.

Is Imburse a regulated company?

No, Imburse is not a regulated. Our system holds no customer money and no personal customer information. We have therefore been given regulator exemption from Finma in Switzerland, the Portuguese regulator, and Bafin in Germany.

Is Imburse available to SMEs?

Yes, Imburse’s PaaS platform is available to both large enterprises and SME’s, allowing our clients the complete freedom to design and implement their ideal payment workflow, for both collection and payouts.