Month: December 2021

Endava Partners with Imburse to Enhance Payments Offering

Renowned next-generation technology and services provider, Endava, further bolsters payments offering through Imburse partnership. Imburse connects insurers to the entire payments ecosystem via a single connection, providing them with access...


5 Ways to Improve Cross-border Payments and Meet the Growing Need for Immediate Results

Over the previous few years we have witnessed a significant push to digitalise and personalise customer engagements, spearheaded by some major brands...


Imburse and Mastercard partner to accelerate digitisation of insurance payments

Payment integration provider Imburse has announced a new global partnership with Mastercard, to automate and enhance payments for the insurance...


How customer loyalty has changed over the years

Customer loyalty is arguably one of the most determining factors of success for a company. However, whilst this loyalty could have been taken...


Imburse and Mastercard Partner to Accelerate Digitization of Insurance Payments

Payment integration middleware Imburse has today announced a new global partnership with Mastercard, to automate and enhance payments for the...


Q&A: Why insurance needs to change

The past two years has evidenced how quickly things can change: the way we work, live and shop have all been significantly affected by Covid-19.


What is unified transaction reporting?

Any business that handles payments, especially those that handle large volumes of transactions, benefit from a unified transaction reporting...


How to avoid chargebacks

The number of chargebacks has been decreasing in the last few years. However, in 2020, the chargeback-per-transaction ratio was still at...


Challenges of PSP integrations

Payments is a crucial area for any company. Thankfully, there is a growing number of providers and technologies that cater for every need and...


What is a payments middleware?

In this midst of so many payment providers and technologies, the biggest challenge faced by enterprises is not the lack of choice, but the...