Month: July 2020

What are Push-to-Card payments?

Push-to-Card payments are widely used to instantly move money to a card from various payment method types (such as a bank account). Even though this payment type is already popular both within Peer-to-Peer (P2P) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C)...


Imburse SaaS Enterprise platform focusing on solving the complexity of payment integrations

I am Oliver, the CEO and co-founder of Imburse, a  SaaS Enterprise platform focusing on solving the complexity of payment integrations. Imburse was...


Swiss company IMburse AG promises the end of slow, outdated IT insurance systems

Swiss SaaS enterprise company, IMburse AG, is preparing for a significant uptick of digital payment adoption as financial institutions prepare for...


Beyond Covid-19: The future of fintech and payment technology

Fintech has changed the face of banking, insurance, finance in recent years. How will the sector adapt in the post Covid-19 landscape?


The DIA White Paper: The Impact of Covid on the Speed of Digital Transformation in Insurance

That the insurance industry needs to become much more digital is nothing new. But the corona outbreak made clear how slow the digital transformation...


“We are currently examining each individual case”

Andreas Krümmel, CEO Generali Switzerland, on customer orientation, Swiss independence, innovations and future plans.


The InsurTech Series: Corp-Up approach with Generali and IMBurse

In this episode on the corp-up approach in the insurance sector, we talk to Stefano Bison, Group Head of Business Development & Partnerships at...